Use Meeting Rules to Maximize the Potential of Your Principal Contact List

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Use Meeting Rules to Maximize the Potential of Your Principal Contact List

Use Meeting Rules to Maximize the Potential of Your Principal Contact List

One of the best resources in a school database of contact information is the institution’s principal. Although this leadership role typically reports to the Board of Directors, some freedom is usually given when making purchasing decisions.

Teachers go to the principal for the various supplies or tools they need to be effective in the classroom. When your email list includes that person’s contact info, you have a direct line to potential sales opportunities.

When a principal contact list underperforms, it’s usually due to the timing or value of the message offered.

When you follow the same rules for meeting with a school principal within your email marketing efforts, your efforts often translate to more sales opportunities. 

How Do I Get More Out of My Principal Contact List?

Sending an email to school principals doesn’t need to make you nervous or fill you with angst. When you implement these ideas, you’ll find that your contact list has a better chance of meeting your metrics or goals.

1. Determine Appropriateness

When speaking with a principal, the topics that warrant an email and those that are a waste of time must be carefully examined. Their job is to provide service to their entire school. If you’re focusing on a niche subject that doesn’t have much relevance, you won’t make as much of an impression. 

Appropriate topics to consider might include addressing special needs, aligning with school philosophies, or resources that help manage unusual circumstances. [[1]]

Principals don’t have time to read a lengthy email about all the reasons why your stuff is awesome. Get straight to the point. [[2]]

2. Use the Correct Format

Some schools have specific procedures to follow when sending emails. When you start reaching out to your principal contact list, there might be several levels of administrators the message proceeds through before reaching your intended reader.

It’s important to be as flexible with your content as possible. Provide info-laden emails that a principal can use to gather data for their needs. You're more likely to earn their business when you can contribute to a positive outcome. [[3]]

3. Get Your Facts Straight

When you get a principal reading your email, it's important to have all your facts verified. Your recipients will research the content sent to ensure it is valuable, usable, and won't get them in trouble.

Avoid using clickbait or anything misleading when creating emails for a principal contact list. When you show them the facts and your solutions, the value proposition will be noticed. [[4]]

4. Be Courteous

Courtesy seems to be slipping out of the public consciousness today. From social media to email marketing, you can see people treating one another as commodities more than ever before. You want a principal to be a customer. When you take a professional approach, you’re more likely to see positive interactions. [[5]

When you follow these simple meeting rules for principals, you’ll find that this school database can be an incredible digital marketing resource. Be consistent with your approach to obtain the best results.

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