What the Best Principals Do for Their Schools

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What the Best Principals Do for Their Schools

What the Best Principals Do for Their Schools


Schools experience success based on the effectiveness of their principals. This thought isn’t an opinion. It is based on several decades of research across multiple cultures and generations. Principal email lists can be an effective way to communicate your offerings.


What a principal needs to do and understand to create positive outcomes isn't settled through these research efforts.


The most effective principals can help students gain three months of learning or more in reading and math in subsequent school years, even when a predecessor was ineffective at the job. [[1]]


When you contact your principals email list, that idea should be at the forefront of your outreach effort. What can you do to help these professionals become more efficient? Let K12 Data's k-12 email lists get you to the top


The Best Principals Have Three Overlapping Qualities 

Researchers have discovered that the most effective principals have three skill domains that they’ve mastered. Those are working with people, being organized, and understanding instruction. [[2]]


Your goods or services must support a principal's effectiveness in one or more of those areas to make a positive impact. The best content will only deliver results if it makes that connection.


Here’s where your focus points should be if you want to engage with your principals email list= more effectively.


  • Principals and People. These educational professionals focus on developing relationship skills and human development within their schools. Some of the key points to consider involve communication efficiency, building trust, and having compassion.
  • Organization Needs and Principals. This focus area looks at the management skills needed for the position. It ranges from resource allocation to strategic thinking, making it one of the few areas that transcend the educational industry. [[3]]
  • Principals and Instruction. Principals want to develop their professional skills to support and complement teachers in the classroom. They serve as an authority figure for them and their students, which means they recognize the need to lead by example.


What Do People Think About Principals?

You can’t please everyone all the time, but that won’t stop the best principals from trying to accomplish that feat.


That approach starts by having respect for the time a teacher spends in the classroom. Most educators feel like they are asked to do more than is possible with the period allotments they receive. [[4]]


The best administrators don't expect more from people than what they can do. What can you do to help principals accomplish more in this area? Your email outreach efforts will have value when you offer a detailed approach that can be easily followed.


That value translates to brand recognition, which becomes a sales opportunity the next time a principal encounters a problem you can solve. K12 email lists put you on top.


Principals and Decision-Making Efforts

Some principals do an excellent job of including teachers in the school decisions, but most educators report the opposite happens.


When asked how often teacher input was sought on critical issues, 45% of educators said “almost never” or “never.” [[5]]


Your goal is to help today’s principals encourage tomorrow’s leaders to keep learning. When they become more efficient through your efforts, you’ll expand your email lists while creating the change that people want to see in our communities.


K12 Data offers the most extensive education email lists at the best price. Whether you are targeting superintendents or teachers leave the district and school data lists to us.

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