When Is It Time to Start New K-12 Email Lists?

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When Is It Time to Start New K-12 Email Lists?

When Is It Time to Start New K-12 Email Lists?


Unless you’re the exception to the rule, everyone gets to a point with an email list where they feel it is better to start over than continue.


The most successful marketers recognize the early symptoms that a K-12 email list has stopped performing and pivot to a different approach. Those that wait too long often miss out on exciting business opportunities.


If you’re struggling with your lists today, some ways exist to create a brighter tomorrow.


How to Know When It Is Time to Start New K-12 Email Lists

There are a few unique situations when it might be time to consider starting a new K-12 email list.


The most common time is when your current list has become inactive. If you have low engagement rates and only a few subscribers open or click links in your emails, it is often time to start over. These behaviors usually indicate your K-12 audience is no longer interested in what you’re offering. [[1]]


Another time is when you decide to target a new audience segment. If you’re launching a new product or service for the K-12 community, working with a different subsegment or list might be better to get results. [[2]]


If you’re already heavily segmented and moving into a new community, consider working with different subscribers to continue seeing positive results develop.


There can be times when an email list gets too big. If it has grown significantly and you find it challenging to manage, it may be time to start a new list. This step allows you to segment your audience more effectively and send more targeted messages. [[3]]


Finally, it is an excellent time to start new K-12 email lists because you’re changing your brand’s focus or starting a rebranding process. Moving in this direction creates a fresh start while building a new audience that aligns with the updated perspective.


How Can I Build a K-12 Email List from Scratch?

Building an email list from scratch can be daunting, but it is essential for growing your business and reaching your target audience. There are some steps you can take today to begin this journey.


  • Choose an email marketing platform that suits your needs. Each one has specific strengths and weaknesses for you to consider. Review templates, subscriber management tools, and analytics tracking.
  • An opt-in form allows visitors to your website or social media page to sign up for your email list. Yours should be prominently displayed and include a clear call-to-action. [[4]]
  • Send valuable content to keep subscribers engaged with your information and general value proposition. Consider sending newsletters, promotional offers, and exclusive items. [[5]]
  • Keep in touch with people and follow up on any queries you receive immediately.


Building an email list from scratch takes time and effort, so many marketers are hesitant to move in this direction. The problem is that if you stay in your comfort zone, your brand will stay the same! Following the steps listed here and remaining consistent will develop high-quality lists that drive engagement and conversions.


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