Your Domain Name and School Email Marketing

Your Domain Name and School Email Marketing

Your Domain Name and School Email Marketing

Defined:  “The part of a network address that identifies it as belonging to a particular domain.” Or, it’s the part of your email address after the @.

When it comes to school email list marketing your reputation can be in jeopardy when you start hitting the send button on your campaigns. First off it’s important to clarify the two types of email you send. The first is “Transactional Email”. Transactional email is the business or personal messages you send on a daily basis. These communications are likely more time sensitive and could relate to a customer inquiry or internal communication within your company. The second type of email is “Marketing or Bulk Email”. This type of email communication is the act of sending one email campaign to a large audience at one time, like uploading and sending to a school email marketing list from a company like ours. Separating these two types of communication and which email address you use to deploy from is important.

Sending a K-12 email list promotion to many people at once through your transactional email (business/personal) account is a bad idea. Some of our customers (very few) try to do this by copy-pasting 10s of hundreds of emails into the bcc field in Outlook or Gmail and this is risky and you will pay the price for your laziness. Google and the other ESPs have automated tools in place to catch and shut down your mass communication almost immediately after you hit the send button. On top of this they will likely freeze your account for 24 to 48hrs. The really bad part of this is that this is your business or personal email account and you just got turned off.

The next group of education email list senders will send directly through their transactional (business email address), eg: or marketing sets up a fake user to deploy to, eg: The issue with this is that the actual company domain is being used in this campaign. If for any reason this school email list campaign goes off the rails, possibly based on “spammy” messaging or other factors, the domain:  “” could be blacklisted. If this happens it means your company site is now down, the whole website, not just the email address you slipped in there to receive replies to.

The best bet:  purchase alternative domain names close to your company domain (name). This is the way to go. Go to Godaddy: and purchase a few Domain Names that a prospect or customer would be familiar with but won’t jeopardize your straight company domain. The examples: or These two companies are pervasive emailers and you have probably seen other companies that you do business with that send you promotions. The next time you receive something from one of these companies take notice of the domain they are sending from. For instance, Chase Bank will use an email sending domain like: or in Alaska’s case:  The simple addition of the “e” in Chase’s domain or the “ifly” in Alaska’s protects their domain names. You might look into buying a few of these from Godaddy to arm yourself into your district email list marketing future or your principal email list campaigns. These additional domains will likely cost you less than $10 per year and you have the benefit of not being blacklisted- win/win.

Charlie Isham

K12 Data Inc.

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