Your Personality is Showing: Don’t Let a Boring Message Undermine School Emails

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Your Personality is Showing: Don’t Let a Boring Message Undermine School Emails

Your Personality is Showing: Don’t Let a Boring Message Undermine School Emails

 Authenticity is what creates trust. [[1]]

Without trust, relationships struggle to form.

Most marketing efforts try to establish trust with potential customers to show them why a specific product or service has more value than something similar.

That means the equation for a good marketing campaign is simple. Why is it then that so many education email lists refuse to show their personalities when reaching out to grow their brand?

School Email Lists Should Inspire as They Communicate

Whether you’re developing a K-12 email list or something for the principal or superintendent to use, the parents at your school want authenticity with your communication efforts. That doesn’t mean you need to get down to business and maintain an authoritative tone.

Instead of following a template with fill-in-the-blanks like a boring Mad Libs game, why not try implementing these tips?

1. Get their attention on the subject line.

Education email lists get more attention when the subject line communicates something valuable to the parents. It should be a brief summary of what to expect with a click, along with a touch of your personality. Even switching to second-person language is helpful. [[2]]

2. Let parents deal with people.

Instead of using your school’s name as the sender, turn the communication into something from your principal or superintendent email list. People always prefer working with a counterpart instead of an institution, so try to use individual names whenever possible. [[3]]

3. Keep the email visually consistent with your school identity.

Even if you send a simple note from the principal email list, the message should reflect the layout, school colors, signature setup, and logo of your district’s branding. The goal should be to have consistency in these areas with all communication efforts. [[4]]

Although templates and email designs are helpful for this process, it is still better to let people inflect their personalities into each message instead of adding their data points.

4. Emphasize the salutation.

Great emails connect from the beginning. You want to tell them why you’re sending a message to encourage a specific action. If you can start with the recipient’s name, it’ll have a more positive impact than something like “To Whom It May Concern.”

5. Get straight to the point.

Time is the most precious commodity we have. Once it is gone, we never get it back. If your emails are unclear about why it was sent, it’s difficult to ask someone to take a specific action. If you want people to come to your book drive, talk about the value of reading as part of a child’s education while showing how affordable the items for sale are.

6. Include social media links.

A K-12 email list should include social media links with each message. This step encourages parents and families to receive updates on their preferred platforms while getting more involved with your district.

It doesn’t need to be fancy to be effective. You can insert hyperlinks to Facebook and Twitter in most email signatures. [[5]]

7. Don’t forget about the unsubscribe option.

Even an unsubscribe option can show off your personality within your school email list. This message needs to be professional and straight to the point, but it should also reflect its overall persona.

It might be tempting to send a mass email to everyone. If you don’t take the time to segment your lists for each audience type, many people could be reading information that doesn’t pertain to them. That’s why sorting things out into a principal email list, one for the superintendent, and more for the other district categories, ensures each message sets the correct tone.

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